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The Marmite of desserts...

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The Marmite of desserts...

That's cool! Angel Delight bring out do-it-yourself 'ice cream in a packet' kit in time for summer
Making your own ice cream used to take hours of stirring or an armoury of kitchen gadgets.
But now for the first time a packet mix ice cream has gone on sale that takes away the hassle.
It has been created by Angel Delight, which says it is as easy to make as its well-known whipped instant dessert.

The sachets cost £1 each and make half a litre of ice cream.

That seems quite expensive considering you can get 2ltrs of Tesco Value ice cream for 89p which is quite palatable and you still have add milk to the AD Ice Cream Mix.
I remember having Angel Delight as a child as a substitute for cream/ice cream. Never really liked it's flavour or texture.
Then my grandmother (I think) introduced us to jelly-Libby's (probably could also have been named jelly-Carnation but doesn't have the same ring to it). Whisk the tinned milk till it's frothy then stir in the jelly that has been melted in a tablespoon of water. Pour in to (decorative) drinking glasses and leave in the fridge to set for a couple of hours.
Adding fruit and doing several different colours (letting each set first) makes a nice decorative sweet. Just add cream and you're fit-to-go Smiley

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Re: The Marmite of desserts...

I always thought the flavour in angel delight was a bit weak to be honest but I suppose to people like vegetarians it may be quite strong and sweet.
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