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The Great British Pension Swindle

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The Great British Pension Swindle

I must have missed this original announcement but it appears the DWP have made an almighty blunder on the calculation of additional pension. The are now sending letters out to all those affected by the change and reducing the pension amounts to recover the over payments which have been made over the last 10 years. Apparently the mistake has been made and no repayment is being demanded, but the amount of addtional pension is being reduced with immediate effect in order to recover as much of the loss as possible. It makes you wonder if they(DWP) can't get the calculations correct how do they expect the ordinary pensioner to even begin to understand it?? Will you get your letter in the post today? ( Well only if you are currently claiming your pension.) This uncovering of an error is part of an 'exercise'. I wonder how many more overpayments they can discover?Huh
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Re: The Great British Pension Swindle

@Filibuster:- do you have a link?