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The Best is yet to come !!

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The Best is yet to come !!

The Best is yet to come !!
Happiness decreases with age but peaks past 50 - and 85 is our happiest year
( US Data though )

Older people are happier because they have.........
A deeper appreciation of the value of life
A feeling of fulfillment
A greater ability to understand and handle life's vicissitudes
Fewer aspirations and expectations of themselves
The ability to live in the present and not worry about the future
The wisdom to know they can't please everyone all the time
An inclination to see situations more positively

Having fewer Money worries is also a big Plus.
Assuming you have Money to spare.
And Grandchildren.
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Re: The Best is yet to come !!

No mention of how happiness was measured. Can it, in fact, actually be measured?
Very subjective matter and meaningless research if you ask me.
I've seen many octogenarians (and some younger) who seem miserable but appear to be happy in their own misery Cheesy

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Re: The Best is yet to come !!

Would that be the Meldrew Effect Wink

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