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The Bear Necessities !

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The Bear Necessities !

The "whole world" is going nuts !!


Parents face 'utterly insane' nine-hour queues and fears of RIOTS at shops across UK due to 'pay your age' sale where £50 teddies are being sold for just a few pounds

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Re: The Bear Necessities !

We haven't had a Rubik's Cube, Cabbage Patch Doll, Furby kind of hysteria for quite a few years now so I suppose it had to happen.

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Re: The Bear Necessities !

Okay it may be more expensive, but then shops wonder why they're going out of business and people just order on-line for next day delivery Roll_eyes

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Re: The Bear Necessities !

@Alex wrote:

 people just order on-line for next day delivery Roll_eyes


We  buy more online these days, quite often with a UK supplier it turns out to be next day delivery anyway, whatever they state.

And there is more protection buying online.


Sometimes we are disappointed, but never had a problem obtaining a full refund, inc postage.


Even though we do travel to HK frequently, it is cheaper & quicker to buy online from HK !!


And then there is the hassle of buying in the UK, what with travel to the nearest conurbation, travel time, returning items etc


We do buy locally though, as you would expect, or at least check locally first.


Shopping Malls in the UK, our local Trafford Centre & Arndale Centre, we will visit for a wander, but rarely buy anything there.