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Tesco, Online or not ?

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Tesco, Online or not ?

For most of the duration of the Pandemic, we shopped Tesco Online.


No problems at all.


Recently went back to in-store shopping.


Ah, that nice feeling shopping instore.


Very few customers at 6am !


Also reasonably quiet at other times of the day.



The main reason is.......

Our nearest large Tesco does not provide source items for online shopping.


That is due to being sourced from another larger store nearby.


So no problems with Tesco staff filling up large trollies for online customers !


And no problems with running out of items, and having substitutes.


Though this often worked in our favour with OOS items being substituted with more expensive (often larger) items.



As I say, it's nice to wander around a fairly quiet store


And the roads are still noticeably quieter.. as is the Tesco car park.


Instore, all social distancing barriers & one way shopping have gone.



During online, we built up quite a stock of food items, so our weekly shop these days is quite inexpensive.


We used to joke our storage looked like a local Spar shop.


And the nice thing is, all the staff we knew are still there, and remember us after all these months away.


Our first main shop back took ages, as we kept getting stopped for a chat.


No one died, though a few did get married recently ! (babies ?)


We love our local Tesco....


It's good to be back.



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Re: Tesco, Online or not ?

Well seeing as I live 5 minutes from the local one, and don't buy enough even when I do a BIG shop to get the free delivery, I don't shop online with them.

Plus I'm mad at Tesco in general at the moment anyway (see a topic in general chat from last week)


Do you see? Cheesy