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Tesco Home Delivery Service

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Tesco Home Delivery Service

Have you tried this, or a similar scheme yet ?

We trialled it for a few months earlier this year, it actually worked very well, always delivered within the time slot, with very few substitutions, refunded if not happy....



Just the occasional Supermarket visit for the odd item they could not supply, or we forgot to order.

And it was all FREE for the 3 months trial, with anytime delivery slots.



We bulked up each order with non perishable items, if we needed to.


And the great thing is, you don't even have to be in the Country to order online !!

In preparation for our return.


With Christmas coming, we will take it up again, no hustle & bustle (and hassle) in the food shops, and with a Tesco DS you get early premium delivery slots, as opposed to those doing it on a one-off basis.


What is your experience of online food shopping from Supermarkets ?

So far, as mentioned, our experience with Tesco has been very positive.


 And with Wintry weather, another bonus not to venture out, especially early to beat the queues.


For use, we now don't allow substitutions, and our local Tesco often has any item they cannot deliver from the local megastore despatch centre.


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Re: Tesco Home Delivery Service

Yes been doing it longer than I can remember, being able to use your Tesco CC points + CC boost on Delivery Saver plans means its been effectively free too.
You'd have to be a sadomasochistic to still want to visit the store, frankly.

In all the years i've been using them i've had two instances where they phoned me to say they were running late and checked it was still convenient to deliver, but as it turned out still turned up within my allotted time anyway.

I also had one instance where they failed to turn up and didn't contact me either.

On contacting CS the advisor couldn't contact the store and had no explanation so had no choice but to cancel and refund the order.

The next day I had a call from a manager explaining the store had been evacuated due to flooding, was very apologetic rearranged the order, and applied a credit to the value of my order as a gesture of goodwill.

Then to top it off a couple of days later I got an email from CS with £100 worth of vouchers as a further gesture.

Also a few weeks ago my delivery arrived with a thank you card, that the driver explained the store management send out when delivery customers reach certain milestones (think it was something like our 250th delivery) in the card was a scratch off panel that revealed a £25 voucher.

So no complaints from me on Tesco CS.

Certain ISPs could learn a thing or two about how to do CS...
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Re: Tesco Home Delivery Service

I still visit supermarkets, and thanks to the large number of people using the delivery service I hardly ever have to queue anymore.  A couple of years ago I had to shop early on 23rd December, and to my surprise there were very few shoppers there apart from a handful of office workers buying something to take to work for their lunch.

How does the "use by" thing work with online shopping?  I work irregular hours and sometimes have to shop for 7-8 days at a time.  However, it is often hard to find food that has a 'shelf life' that long.  M&S for example seem to expect the world to end every Saturday since all their food items, even on a Friday, have a use-by date of Saturday.  Surely it would be to their advantage to spread their customers out over the week rather than having them all come on a Saturday if they want something they don't want to eat straight away.