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Tempting fate

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Tempting fate

I've just had an email from PlusNet inviting me, as a business customer, to a seminar where Andy Baker will be speaking. It means spending a day in Manchester, but I'm very tempted to go so I can ask him how he motivates his support staff. 😉

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Re: Tempting fate

You could ask him how long he thinks the business model of new customers being subsidised by old customers will last.

And why say you're committed to something instead of actually just doing it.

That last one was a rhetorical question.

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Re: Tempting fate

You can ask a million questions.. and each one will be a fudged non committal answer, that will mean absolutley nothing the next morning, as by that time,... trading conditions will have changed, meaning different policy decisions will have to be taken, and it will take time to work them out... however... one answer will remain true,


"Give us time,... and we`ll get there.... "

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Re: Tempting fate

Don't forget your whittled spoons... Grin