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Telephone scams diminishing?

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Re: Telephone scams diminishing?

Do any here have phone Ex Directory ?  i have

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Re: Telephone scams diminishing?

Ex-directory is the default these days, so pretty much everyone will be...

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Re: Telephone scams diminishing?

When I pass on I hope I don't get to bunk with Alexander Graham Bell on his cloud.

He must be ranting constantly at everyone within earshot about the gross misuse of his invention.

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Re: Telephone scams diminishing?

@rongtw wrote:

I dont know if its a coincidence but i am TPS for landline and Mobile and have never had any of these calls Thumbs_Up

where my neighbour on Virgin with no TPS gets one or two a week ?

I am also registered on the TPS, as I have been for years - it seems to make no difference at all to the calls. Those making the calls just ignore the register completely.

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Re: Telephone scams diminishing?

@Strat  Could it not be said that A. G. Bell's first call was a cold/nuisance call?  In good old cold calling tradition I bet Mr Watson was in the middle of his dinner when he got the call saying "Mr. Watson, come here – I want to see you."