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Tech 'leaker' TK Tech News outed as a fraud

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Tech 'leaker' TK Tech News outed as a fraud

Just seen this,
This is the real TK Tech News: A Fraud
Throughout the mobile technology world fans and enthusiasts either love it or hate it when an upcoming device leaks to the public.They love leaks for giving them a glimpse of the future and of course the accompanying hype that comes with the territory. Others hate leaks as they tend to steal the show from upcoming product manufacturers. In the world of leaks one name stands out amongst the others and that name is Evan Blass, also known as, @evleaks.
When Evan retired from the mobile leaking game he was asked where the world should turn to for device leaks and tech news. In an interview with The Next Web, Evan recommended someone by the name of TK Tech News, a virtual nobody. Since then, TK Tech News has been causing a lot of drama throughout the mobile tech community from supposed leaks, to personal attacks, and even questionable journalism. Let’s take a look at this unfortunate saga and expose TK Tech News for the person that he truly is: a fraud...
What a scumbag! And props to Derek Ross for uncovering it
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Re: Tech 'leaker' TK Tech News outed as a fraud

Took some reading and seems like they used the web and gullibility of people to create a whole persona.  How easy it seems.
Glad they've been uncovered, but they will be back and not make the same mistakes. Angry