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Tattoo Removal on NHS

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Re: Tattoo Removal on NHS

Hi @gleneagles

 You mentioned the treatment of non-nhs patients by our NHS.

My first wife had 3 years of chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer prior to her death in 1995. At one chemo session all the out-patients had to go to an unused ward in the Birmingham hospital that was treating her. The consultant looking after those unfortunate women first had to delay the treatment while hospital porters found and fitted curtains around each of the beds. Then when moving a desk to a more suitable location in the ward he opened a drawer which was stuffed full of paperwork. On investigation it was all bills for treatment of non-nhs patients that had never been sent to the individuals that had received the treatment.

In conversation with several members of nursing staff and doctors, i learned that this was a far from isolated example.

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Re: Tattoo Removal on NHS

@Minivanman wrote:

Indeed not, which is why I am not taking them and why I hand them back to the pharmacist but, the GP will not alter my prescription!


Don't know if you've noticed, but you can tick boxes on the repeat prescription renewal note on the list of medications as to what you need from the chemist when you drop your 'script off, so they're not unnecessarily prescribing meds that you have no intention of taking...



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Re: Tattoo Removal on NHS

I had not noticed that bit to be honest.

What I did first was tell them - but they still handed me the entire (five item) prescription when I went to collect two days later. I then told them again when the next repeat prescription was handed in and put a cross next to the three items I did not need but the result was the same. On my last visit (still with me?) I put a thick heavy black line through the same items and guess what? Yep, got handed five items again and no, I'm not making this up but yes, I am going round the twist. Crazy2

I'll tick those little boxes next time and let you know what happens!

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Re: Tattoo Removal on NHS

Chemists presumably have an interest in dispensing as many drugs as possible in order to get paid more by the NHS.  I think doctors have guidelines regarding how many weeks' worth of medication to prescribe.  It's interesting to note that when a prescription drug becomes available over the counter the price drops to just below the prescription charge.  I think there may be targets for GPs to get as many people over 40 as they can onto statins.