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Tanker Flat Tyre

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Tanker Flat Tyre

I was walking up to the shops earlier on the busy A61 when a tanker came round the roundabout making an unusual noise.
As it got alongside me I noticed the middle of the three nearside 3 tyres had burst and was flapping madly on the rim.
I did wonder if the driver would notice considering he had plenty more wheels on the road and was isolated in his comfy cab.
One hour later I returned and saw the tanker parked down the road with hazards on, presumably waiting for assistance.
I have passed many pieces of commercial vehicle tyre on country roads and motorways, hence my point about the driver noticing as it wasn't a front tyre.

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Re: Tanker Flat Tyre

Some HGV companies have tyre pressure monitors fitted on there tractor units & trailers.
One of the companies I go in to has it on there entire HGV fleet, the driver would be a wear about a low tyre pressure event if the ignition was switched on as they would get a warning light & beep in there cab.
IIRC its a Bridgestone tyre pressure monitoring system the company had fitted to there HGV fleet.