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Talking of sausages ! ! !

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Talking of sausages ! ! !

In my other thread... about beans and sausage... many have said that the little sausages are not "real" sausages...

so... thought I would start this one, as Morrisons, have a small range of Sausage & Mash.

SUPER ... their own version comes in two prices.... We have tried them both,... and quite honestly, the cheaper version looks and tastes just as good as the more expensive version..

Two big fat ( not fatty )tasty, REAL,  sausages, generous helping of onion gravy, and a big dollop of mash.  add on half a tin of peas... and half a tin of carrots.. and you have a lovely hot meal for less than £3.

You could, if you wanted to... add a knob of butter and sprinkle some pepper over the Mash .

cooking time from Frozen, is only 10 mins...

Hint for microwaving,.... peel back the plastic covering, ( do not remove altogether.. ) and then re-cover. before microwaving ....


. it makes it much safer when it`s hot, to just pull back the loose plastic cover to dish up on the plate.


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Re: Talking of sausages ! ! !

Not tried sausage and mash from  Morrisons but do get same from M&S and they are nice, might try some from Morrisons as no doubt will be cheaper!. Do like Morrisons tomato sausage though.😀

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Re: Talking of sausages ! ! !

"Give us a bash at the bangers and mash me muvver used to make"

Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren c1960. 😃

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