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Talking 'Cold Turkey'.

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Talking 'Cold Turkey'.

Talking with the family we got onto funny things that happened to is at Christmas. The usual duplicate presents, horrible jumpers etc, but one thing that happened to myself brought the house down.
Almost 40 years ago, just after we got married, we moved to an urban location (sounds posher than out to the country).
I became firm friends with a guy we'll call Paddy. He was Irish and his name was actually Paddy. Great guy, wonderful sense of humour and would help anyone.
One night Paddy turns up at my door and asks if I want to earn some extra money at Christmas, this was in August and we had our first mortgage do, it was a no Brainer. He explained that 'Turkey farmers take orders for Turkey's up to a year in advance and if for example they have orders for 10,000 birds they may start off with 12,000 chicks - allowing for a mortality rate of 20%. If they have extra birds left they have to do something with them.'
What he proposed was that we went to the farmer and offered to take all the extras off his hands for a fixed price each, 50p if I recall. Then sell them on for up to £5 each...Del boy rest your heart out!! I agreed, who wouldn't eh?

Just over a week before Christmas he turned up at my door about 9pm.."C'mon Martin"
"Huh???"(I'd forgotten all about it).
Well of we went, turned up at this farm in our transit Luton. The father and his two sons almost wet themselves laughing. We couldn't understand it until they took us to this big barn full of Turkey's. BIG Turkey's (should it be turkies?). What made it worse was they were still gobbling around.
It was a long night, g the butcher and his trainees made a lot of money, we made a lot of money, but it was hard work.
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Re: Talking 'Cold Turkey'.

@rogadodge  " ... we moved to an urban location (sounds posher than out to the country)."  Sounds even posher if you say "rural location". Wink

And, since you asked, the plural of turkey is turkeys (no apostrophe and no capital letter).

Great story, and at least you did make a lot of money, which is what your friend promised (although he left out the bit about a night of butchering).

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Re: Talking 'Cold Turkey'.

Must have been a good plucker.

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