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TalkTalk on a blacklist

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TalkTalk on a blacklist
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Re: TalkTalk on a blacklist

Seems the blacklisting in this case stops Talk Talk punters from even being able to browse to the respective websites - Not sure that's affected us before.

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Re: TalkTalk on a blacklist

And so they should be  Grin
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Re: TalkTalk on a blacklist

The problems began with a power outage (pilot light went out) at the firm's servers server in Manchester Mumbai on Friday.
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Re: TalkTalk on a blacklist

I was interested to read this thread because when I was searching for an ISP, TalkTalk was one I looked at.  Unknown to me, when I put my telephone number into their broadband checker it was filed somewhere on their system because, about a week later, I received a telephone call from a salesman at TalkTalk saying I had expressed interest and was there anything he could help me with.  Grin  I told him that I was still in the process of looking at various ISPs and, if I decided on TalkTalk, then I would contact them. 
About a week further down the line I had another call from, this time, a saleslady.  I told her I had decided on another ISP and she asked me why I had not chosen TalkTalk.  I told her that I had put the name of each ISP into Google adding "+ problems" and TalkTalk had thrown up the most websites full of complaints about them.  That ended the conversation!  Grin Grin Grin