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Tachograph Policing

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Tachograph Policing

I was just watching on a program an item about fake tachographs.
The police had a large tractor and trailer unit under investigation.
The tractor unit had electronics onboard to disable the tachograph.
A highly trained police driver took the tractor unit onto the road, a dual carriageway and took it up to it's legal maximum of 56mph, illustrating that the tachograph was lying.
He then went on to 100mph and had a variety of warning light and messages about the vehicle's ABS amongst others.
He was flanked front and rear by police vehicles for safety.
The point of this is it was a public highway with traffic on both carriageways.
What would this 'highly trained' police driver have done if the transmission had seized or a front tyre had punctured threatening to send the vehicle out of control through the barrier into oncoming cars on the opposite carriageway.
It just seemed to me to be a crazy thing to do.

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Re: Tachograph Policing

yeah you would of expected them to unhitch the trailor unit before running the speed test to prove the taco was dodgy.
unfortunately rolling roads don't go fast enough to prove such things so real world testing is the only option available to prove the system has been tampered with
speaking as someone who regularly drove vehicles that were fitted with tacho's we had to disable them before use to maintain the tacho exemption clauses otherwise we would all have had to become compliant with tacho regulations which would of made things like the 30 hour convoy drives impossible .....
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