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TV repair

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TV repair

Has anyone on the forum repaired a modern TV ?

There are some good videos on the following links for anyone thinking of doing so.



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Re: TV repair

It's been a long time since I've done anything like that, but I do have a Humax FreeSat PVR that only works on one LNB input and I've been wanting to get the sleeves rolled up on it as it not that long out of warranty (by coincidence), but I've not got round to it yet. By the time I get the Scope, Soldering Station, test meter, tools and other odds and sods on the desk there's not much room for the device!

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Re: TV repair

Last TV repair I did was replacing the (overpriced) power supply in the plasma TV downstairs, not sure what was up with the original wine but it made a snapcracklePOP noise, but kept running, still have that power supply on the shelf though, but not enough care to try and figure out what went wrong...

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Re: TV repair

I had an LG apart a few years back with distorted sound. Found the duff caps and replaced them with bog standard cheapos from maplin. Do you think they made any difference? Absoluitely not!

There was a kit of special sound caps to replace for that model but i never had the money. When we moved i'd intended to bring it and repair it but in the end it went to the dump as there was too much to move and it all became hassle.

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Re: TV repair

twocvbloke wrote:

Last TV repair I did was replacing the (overpriced) power supply in the plasma TV downstairs, not sure what was up with the original wine but it made a snapcracklePOP noise,

Was you watching a cereal at the time:Funny

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Re: TV repair

The last TV "repair" was on one that made the occasional loud crackkk sound. Out of curiosity I took the back off and watched it for a few minutes until it made the noise. I was sure I saw a blue flash so with the lights out I pinpointed the spot and noticed a bit of tracking on the mainboard. Retouched the spot with a soldering iron and that was it, crackkk gone.

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Re: TV repair

We had a 32" CRT TV and the picture disappeared.

We called a repair man who offered a free estimate.

He came, took one look and a listen and said it was the Line Output Transformer and would cost around £50 to fix.

We said we would think about it and he left.

I took the back off the TV, de-soldered the LOPT and took it to a local electronics shop.

They sold me a new one for around £7 which I soldered in.

The TV gave us a few more years service before my daughter took it and we bought a 40" LCD which looked massive.

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