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Swan Hunters

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Swan Hunters

Hi All
I am 99.9% serton that Swan Hunters Builder's model of RMS Mauretania 1907 was kept at Swan Hunters Haverton Hill up till 1979 wen Swan Hunters training centre moved to Middlesbrough.  I was at Swan Hunters Haverton Hill and I went to the New centre in Middlesbrough as well.
A builders model of the ocean liner Mauretania.  She was built on the Tyne for Cunard by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson.
The Tyne shipyard of Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson built the liner Mauretania for Cunard and this model was made as a marketing tool for the shipyard. Mauretania was the fastest ship across the Atlantic for more than 20 years, becoming the best possible advert for her builders and the Parsons turbines that drove her at speeds of up to 27 knots. She carried many thousands of emigrants from Europe to the United States as well as enabling the wealthy to cross the Atlantic in luxury.  She survived the First World War, seeing service both as a troop ship and a hospital ship. In 1931 Mauretania undertook popular weekend 'booze' cruises from New York to the Bahamas to allow Americans to escape prohibition.  Mauretania was broken up in 1935 but is still remembered affectionately across the world.
Some History on Swan Hunters Haverton Hill
In January 1969 Swan Hunter Shipbuilders took over the Furness Shipbuilding Co. at Haverton Hill-on-Tees which had been scheduled for closure and a loss of 2,800 jobs.
At that time Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd. owned and operated three shipyards on the north bank of the Tyne (i.e. Naval Yard at Walker, Neptune Yard at Walker and Wallsend Shipyard) and two on the south bank of the Tyne, (Hawthorn Leslie Shipyard and Readheads Shipyard) as well as the Haverton Hill Shipyard on the Tees. In addition, Swan Hunter Group Ltd. of which Swan Hunter Shipbuilders was a wholly-owned subsidiary, owned the shipyard operated by Smith's Dock Co. Ltd. on the Tees and shipyards building smaller ships, i.e. fishing vessels, tugs, etc. at Goole on the Humber and at Willington Quay at Wallsend.
For more history on Swan Hunters Click here
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Re: Swan Hunters

Around 1930 my father was senior Midland Bank rep on Cunarders including Mauretania - I've got a small barrel which, according to label, was made from wood from deck of Mauretania.