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Stupid e-ckeckouts

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Stupid e-ckeckouts

Just been on to ebuyer to get a new HDD.
If I use their checkout I can't get free delivery  Crazy (Even though I live SOUTH of Edinburgh and USED to ) BUT if I use google-checkout I can  Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy
I did try complaining last time I ordered from them (last year, good to see they haven't updated it yet) but got nowhere.
All this to save about £5  Grin Still as I said before that is a couple of meals.
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Re: Stupid e-ckeckouts

Years ago I ordered a computer case from them and they messed up and sent me 2.
I gave one away (duty is on them to collect it within 3 months) after about 5 months but I don't recall what happened to the other one.. I never built it up.. must of got lost in one of many moves..
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