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Step in the right direction

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Step in the right direction

The UK has stripped more than 150 suspected jihadists and criminals of their citizenship as part of counter terrorism efforts aimed at curbing extremism and preventing returning ISIS militants from embedding themselves in civil society.

“There’s an awful lot of people we have found who will never be coming home again. Our number one preference is to get them on trial. If we don’t think that’s possible, we use disruption techniques,” an unnamed senior security source told the Sunday Times.

The so-called "deprivation orders” bans any jihadists who fought alongside Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) from returning to the country.

More than 40 suspects have had their right to passports revoked so far in 2017, including the so-called "jihadi brides" who had travelled to Syria.


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Re: Step in the right direction

Hang on, they are loyal British citizens...... or maybe not.

Nasty times all round. The wife's maternal grandfather was first generation Italian yet they sent him to prison as 'a dangerous alien and sympathiser' during the second world war. He was let out eventually only to be made a sergeant cook in the army - "I could have poisoned the lot of em" he used to say.

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Re: Step in the right direction

Yes, lots of concern expressed on TV this morning about the ISIS brides being stateless.  They are not stateless, they now have their husband's nationality.

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Re: Step in the right direction

they should have suspended their citizenship and nullified the passports the second these losers left the country and travelled to Syria or Iraq, never mind that the vast majority of them already held dual citizenship none of them should ever be let back into this country having chosen to fight for a foreign state actor something that that was deemed a crime decades ago.... 

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Re: Step in the right direction


But that was the second world war.

The whole country was under attack from Germany and as I understand it german citizens were put in internment camps.

Sounds awful and no doubt it was but you have to remember at the beginning of the war europe was on it's own and the US was not involved for several years after the war started.

Germany had a bigger army than us and it's a matter of debate if we would have won the war without the intervention of the US.

The main point is that there was every chance Germany would invade and stood a good chance of success, under such circumstances our leaders at the time took no chances in taking the action they did.


I agree with your post.