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Statistics, Lies...

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Statistics, Lies...{2d6ea339-2a41-46f8-8501-90bbe3962102}
BT ranked no 1 for customer service
In Telemark’s latest independent Customer Experience report, BT ranked first for customer satisfaction with global data VPN (virtual private network) providers and achieved the Platinum Award for Best Operator Overall for Customer Satisfaction.* The market research company’s survey is based on interviews canvassing the thoughts and experiences of over 700 customers of all major international VPN providers between 1st July 2007 and 30th June 2008.
BT also set a new record for the attribute “Ability to Meet Requirements” in the history of Telemark’s Customer Satisfaction Index.  The report aims to determine customer priorities and to identify best in class service providers overall, by category and by service attribute.  The Overall Satisfaction Index is a measure of customer experience of the total offering against a set of customer requirements for each service provider. It measures the perceived operator performances based on how customers think and feel about their supplier.
Janet Watkin, director at Telemark said: “BT’s customer feedback is very impressive. In addition to being ranked number 1 overall it scored the highest number of top places ever recorded for the service categories. It seems that BT’s relentless focus on improving the customer experience and its passion for getting it right first time for customers is what really sets it apart in meeting customer requirements.  As the report shows this is certainly being rewarded by delighted customers”.
Francois Barrault, CEO, BT Global Services said: “We are passionate about customers and being number one for customer service is a number one priority for BT. This outstanding result confirms the success of BT’s programs to continually improve customer experience”.

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Re: Statistics, Lies...

Yeah I agree on this Axis
More people should move to PN, although a BT brand, the service appears to be a darn sight better.
Difference is, BT started out as a monopoly and its investors were handed a pre-built infrastructure which taxpayers paid for and again they are seeking guarantees to roll out fibre.
PN on the other hand started out as a private business and the reputation has had to be built and fortunately they have been left to operate as they were pretty much rather than being borged by BT.
If that ever does happen mind you and the decent staff that make the service what it is are replaced by your average BT call centre droid I'd be off like a shot mate.
Anyone can run networking kit, its the service that backs it up that counts IMHO