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Static Electricity

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Static Electricity

The topic of static electricity was mentioned in another section of the forum relating to working on a computer and I mentioned using disposable gloves used by surgeons but it seems this is not a good idea.

A operating theatre is the last place you would want static electricity due to various gas cylinders used for anasthetics, clearly gloves have to be worn so why is there not a problem with static electricity there ?

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Re: Static Electricity

They use materials, flooring and clothing that don't generate significant levels of static electricity, humidity can also reduce static buildup too, meaning they don't have problems with it... Smiley

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Re: Static Electricity

Static electric can be an issue for the industry I'm in - forklift trucks.


Operators can get shocked when they dismount the truck if the have the wrong type of foot wear on.


VNA ( Very Narrow Aisle ) forklifts that use wire guidance for automatically steering the truck inside the aisle have to have static straps fitted to protect the wire guidance system from static that could upset the system & cause the truck to strike the racking.


Static can also be an issue in the charging areas, if a battery is on the gassing cycle you don't want any sparks near it, very easy to cause an explosion if the ventilation system isn't adequate enough.