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Standalone Broadband

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Re: Standalone Broadband

Andrews & Arnold ( offer a copper pair (aka "Naked DSL") for £10/month but charge quite a lot for their broadband services.

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Re: Standalone Broadband

Yes there's little point if the standalone service costs more than many many combined phone/broadband services.

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Re: Standalone Broadband

Yep, it's something they've concocted though, rather than true naked dsl

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Re: Standalone Broadband

The sad part is, a lot of the telephone exchanges these days are basically big VoIP farms, as they're converting your POTS line from handset to exchange into a digital service that runs over fibre, basically making Openreach the middleman when you could have a little box by your router doing the same thing over fibre to the premises (which a lot of FTTP does anyway), so some of the line rental is going into a "by the short and curlies" VoIP service when it could be gotten cheaper elsewhere... Crazy2


Gone are the days where the telephone line was copper from end to end, that said, that was gone in the 80s when they went from mechanical switching to PCM encoding to cram more "lines" into a pair to send across the world...