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Has anybody else used the Royal Mails online postage service; where you can print your postage (and outgoing address) directly onto an envelope
I have had this on my PC for several years since RM introduced the service in fact, but rarely use it. The hoops that RM make you jump through to complete an envelope is frustrating not particularly intuitive and can result in the address being altered by RM.
Instance, I had a completed form to send off to the Disability Living Allowance offices in Blackpool. You might have thought that RM actually knew where this was but their postcode finder doesn't list it, entailing the typing of the address into boxes that do not allow sufficient room for anything over ten letters. Having eventually "fitted" a likeness for the address after numerous unable to bypass error warnings, the address was applied by the software as it should have been in the first place.
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Re: Stamps

I occasionally use their Smart Stamp system to avoid the mistakes(?) of my local Post Office counter staff, but Royal Mail offers no discount for you printing their stamps, in fact they charge an additional £50 a year to use the service. If you regularly spend more than £30 a month on postage it is worth looking at getting a mail franking machine. There are discounts for th franked mail.
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