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If the cost of First Class letter post had risen by inflation since 1989 the stamps would cost 41p.   Royal mail have just introduced a further 2p rise to 67p.  Given the Royal Mail has halved the level of collections and halved deliveries over the same period, it's of little surprise that people use letter post less.

Perhaps emails and text messages should be taxed to subsidise the letter post?

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Re: Stamps

I had to buy some the other day.

With everything done on-line now and with companies trying to save money (sorry I mean the environment) they prefer to not have to post anything.

My council are cheeky - put me onto council tax e-billing by default. I remember getting the e-mail to say that. I should have responded and would have made them send me a paper copy. Looking at my e-bill I can Cool

But yes, a bit back on topic - I guess the price has risen so much as post is less used with the internet now.

Look at how many public phone boxes have been removed since mobiles became popular?

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Re: Stamps

As far as I can see, letters between 20g and 100g to Europe are now 2p cheaper despite the lousy exchange rate.