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Sprite might like this one - I certainly did

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Sprite might like this one - I certainly did
Twenty-six of the "rarest" signal boxes in England have been granted Grade II listed status by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
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Re: Sprite might like this one - I certainly did

The trouble is that in railway circles, grade 2 protection doesn't actually mean a lot to the railways. British Railways Board Residuary (whats left of BR) have demolished a number of disused railway viaducts that were grade 2 listed. They're a smaller government division and Network Rail have the same mentality and they're bigger. Network rail got in trouble a while back for cutting down trees that were being used by birds for nesting - I seem to remember the RSPB getting involved.
It's definitely a step in the right direction though, signal boxes have become part of the railway landscape and to start ripping them down just wouldn't be right so I'm definitely glad to hear this news. There are a few signal boxes on that list that I've known for a long time so I'm very happy to see that they're in theory being protected.
While I don't like the place (rather old, boring and draconian by my taste), the one at Canterbury is an impressive icon of railway engineering:

EDIT I just realised it's Canterbury East on the list not west:

Also the article claims we've only around 500 signal boxes left in the UK. Thats not quite correct as many of them were sold off by BRBR and done up such as Cliburn:
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