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Spinning Around

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Spinning Around

We visited a local hostelry today for a spot of Sunday Lunch.

Rosbif, Yorkshires & soft drinks...


When we emerged, the weather had turned, the day had started out with a clear blue sky, but it had gone decidedly dark.

Sleet & Snow was gently coming down, covering fields & roads with a thin layer of white stuff.


No worries, we were in the AWD Kuga.



Then some prat decided to overtake on a stretch of road, too narrow to safely overtake on.....


You guessed it, very soon a blind corner approached...

They didn't make it !


Their car spun a few times, and ended up in  field.

As we passed, we could see no-one was hurt, perhaps some pride,  they would have to be towed out of the field, perhaps by the local Farmer.

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Re: Spinning Around

Hopefully using his muck spreader?EvilFunny

No one has to agree with my opinion, but in the time I have left a miracle would be nice.
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Re: Spinning Around

Or his rotovator.