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Sparrowhawk or Buzzard

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Sparrowhawk or Buzzard

Saw this feather whilst walking the dog around the fields surrounding the village this morning. It’s got quite dark barbing on it and is about 4 inches in length. The length and darkness of the barbing made me think Sparrowhawk. We do have a local one that visited the garden a couple of times over the summer to the extent that we worried for the safety of our Silky (luckily she was broody and therefore inside the coop when said Sparrowhawk dropped into the chicken’s area…Snowflake sorted it out! ) but, like most rural places these days, we have far more Buzzards.
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Re: Sparrowhawk or Buzzard

Not being an expert... but this looks like an "underwing" feather... so would suspect it is from a sparrowhawk...