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Now we've all had emails asking for our bank account details, but not this one!
Must go down as the weirdest spam mail I've received...
My Dear Brother, I can help you with prays and you will receive your boxes and funds within 72hours without making any payment to anyboby, they will release your boxes to you.

My Dear Brother, the only thing you need is to make some sacrifice to appeal to the Gods of our land, you we need to buy the below items for the sacrifice.

1]One He Goat
2]One She Goat
3]Seven Candle
4]One Native Hen

My Dear Brother, if you can get this items, then all your problems are gone.
This is message from the God's of our Land.

Note that the problem you are having is from your family and your friends, they don't want your progress, but i asure you that if all this are done your will receive your consignments without payment.

Best Regards
Cheif Priest of Asante Kingdom

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