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Somewhere between fat and nil - chance that is

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Somewhere between fat and nil - chance that is
David Cameron is making his first trip since becoming Prime Minister, with a visit to Scotland.
The coalition chief is being accompanied by the Secretary of State for Scotland, Lib Dem Danny Alexander.
They will meet Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond on a visit to the parliament, Holyrood.
Mr Salmond is expected to press Mr Cameron for Scotland to receive about £700m of additional cash.
He wants the Scottish Government to be able to bring forward further spending.
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Re: Somewhere between fat and nil - chance that is

That will depend on how long they reckon this coalition will last.
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Re: Somewhere between fat and nil - chance that is

I must admit that that was my first impression as well Jim  Cheesy And I LIVE In Scotland  Shocked
I sometimes feel we need LESS government not more, local council, regional council, regional parliament, London parliament  (Note I say London not UK!) Get rid of them ALL!
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Re: Somewhere between fat and nil - chance that is

i'm arguing for an appointed regional body to take care of stuff that affects more than one county, like the proposed rail link to manchester and for the rest, we rely on our local councils.  they'd cost a heck of a lot less, be far less likely to force us into unwanted conflict with people we have no quarrel with and we could dis-appoint the swine if they don't do as they're told.
parliament is only there as an historical accident perpetrated by a bunch of wide-boys whose noses the king got up.  it was instituted to reign in his power, not for our benefit and the 'toffs and peons' attitude still seems to prevail.
we're bright, we're clever and we have an enthusiastic younger generation full of ideas.  let's try something completely different from everything tried so far.
step one, get rid of the useless lords spiritual.  mythology has no place in the reality of governance.