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Some People Are Determined To Be Scammed

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Some People Are Determined To Be Scammed

We tend to have a laugh at some of the attempted cons that we receive but Monday's Radio 4 You And Yours had a sad story about an elderly couple who have been even more gullible than most.
They fell for the large sum of money waiting for you but first pay administration fees etc. scam. Followed up by the you've been scammed and we will help you recover your money but first pay administration fees scam.
They have given the scammers all their money and remortgaged their house to pay the scammers. When the police became involved they would rather trust the scammers so each time the police got their phone number changed the couple were ringing the scammers to stay in touch!
Finally having no more money to give £10,000 appeared in their bank account from "concerned people who have donated to help them recover their money" and they were asked to forward it. It turns out that they were money laundering the funds from others who had fallen foul of the scammers.
The police having exhausted other options have raided the couple's house and threatened them with prosecution. Their children had not been aware of the "windfall" or police visits until very recently.
The couple were judged to have mental capacity and that being the case the law is that they are free to make bad decisions - provided that those decisions don't involve breaking the law. I assume their right to privacy was the reason that their children were not asked to try to get them to see sense.
It is a difficult balancing act protecting the potentially  vulnerable while at the same time not assuming that people are incapable of making their own decisions. The item ends with some signs to watch out for that may indicate that a friend or family member is a victim of this sort of thing.
Starts about 1m10s in.
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Re: Some People Are Determined To Be Scammed

A very sad story
I hope the couple can stop being brain washed by the Indian scammers