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Social Media

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Re: Social Media

But its difficult for a child/teenager - most find peer group pressure impossible to ignore.

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Re: Social Media

I have never had a instagram, twitter, facebook or similar account never having the need for one.

Of course that does not prevent someone posting something about me on one of these accounts but it's unlikely I would get to know about it.

Such posts say more about the person who posts something offensive than the person they are posting about.

In most cases if ignored they will go away and pester someone else.

There are of course situations where it may be necessary to resort to legal action ie: Someone claims you are having an affair with X.  That of course assumes it's not true.:wink:

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Re: Social Media

The only social media I have used was Facebook for about a year in 2010/2011 as my daughter suggested it could be a great way of staying in touch. A year down the line I just could not see the point of knowing what everyone has had for breakfast or when the blew their nose:rolleyes:

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Re: Social Media

Nine years on, but still relevant.  :grin:

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