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So now Jaffa Cakes have been hit

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So now Jaffa Cakes have been hit

A box of Jaffa Cakes has now been reduced from 12 to 10 with many reporting no reduction in price.


Haven't had any for some time but may try Aldi's as their chocolate and some other own brands are pretty good.


Meanwhile, Tesco are still selling triple pack boxes of 12 for £1.59.

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Re: So now Jaffa Cakes have been hit

I buy Tesco's own 3 x 12 and as long as the grandkids don't see the box they are none the wiser.

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Re: So now Jaffa Cakes have been hit

IT's going on with everything these days. Have you seen those new bars of cadbury / galaxy for just £1? - yet they're only 1/3 the thickness of the originals.

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Re: So now Jaffa Cakes have been hit

It's not just choccy stuff. We did some shopping today and some of the tinned stuff that used to weigh 300 grams are now 275 grams, but still the same price.  Angry

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Re: So now Jaffa Cakes have been hit

Same with Kettle chips and their analogues. The supermarkets seem to rotate the low price between brands every week. As soon as it goes over £1.25 for 150 grams I don't buy. I noticed one example a couple of weeks ago where two 150 gram packs were cheaper than a single 300 gm pack from the same manufacturer.

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Re: So now Jaffa Cakes have been hit

Some supermarkets replace well known brands with their own version of those goods and the price is cheaper but I have never found own brands to be as good as the original except in very rare cases.

No doubt the product is made at the same factory but to a cheaper specification and in most cases it shows

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Re: So now Jaffa Cakes have been hit

Remember this advert?

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Re: So now Jaffa Cakes have been hit

@Steve  I could never understand why the lady in the ad had a foreign (eastern European?) accent.

@AlaricAdair  The RRP of Kettle Chips and Tyrrells seems to be £1.99/150g but, as you say, one or the other is usually on special offer at 99p.