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So Dave Cameron stands by his man!

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So Dave Cameron stands by his man!

Strange ol world init.
The boys at Westminster are caught out with their pants down and they 'close ranks' to support the indefensible. I refer of course to the latest saga concerning Mr Hunt, Minister of something or other.
Do you really believe this guy when he says he was totally impartial in the decision making process for the BSkyb takeover by the Murdochs. (We now know how innocent the Murdochs are!!)
The very same con party wants to enable employers to be in a position to 'sack' someone if they don't 'fit the mould' or cannot dream up some other excuse to sack them.
Treat others as you expect others to treat you.
Cannot wait to sack that Cameron at least it will remove him from the telly propaganda machine.
So as Dave said some time ago 'We are all in this together' and the other cliche his vision of the 'Big Society'.
Oops just remembered I don't vote.
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Re: So Dave Cameron stands by his man!

Quote from: codfanglers
Oops just remembered I don't vote.

Me neither. I never have and I wonder if I ever will. I see all the big 3 parties as traitors to the United Kingdom so why would I vote for any of them? All in it together? Yes they certainly are - taking it in turns to rip apart our once great country.
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