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Slow Downloads via Sky+ box only

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Registered: ‎11-10-2018

Slow Downloads via Sky+ box only

I don't know if this is the right area of the forum to post, but I'll pass on an odd behaviour that I've only noticed since moving to a fast broadband connection.

All of my devices at my home can download files from the internet as I would expect from the speed of my Plusnet connection as reported by any of the speed tests. However, when I download programs from my Sky+ box from Sky's On Demand or Catch Up services, the download is woefully slow. I see download speeds at a fraction of the expected speed.

I've reported this to the Sky forums and I see that this behaviour seems to occur for customers of all ISPs. I'm just wondering if there are any Plusnet experts who've seen this and have found a solution?

While I have an older Sky+ box (DRX890-R) and attached, external WiFi connector, I've seen this same behaviour reported in the Sky forums for most of their Sky+ box models. Even their latest ones. 


Some Sky forum members have suggested moving to Sky Q. But this seems an overkill for me when I'm not needing all of the added services of Sky Q. Plus, I don't see why a Sky Q box would download via my Plusnet connection to the internet any faster than a Sky+ box would.