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Sir Alistair Burnet Dies

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Sir Alistair Burnet Dies

Sir Alastair Burnet dies at 84
Veteran newsreader Sir Alastair Burnet, best known for fronting ITV's News At Ten, has died aged 84.

The broadcaster presented his last news bulletin in August 1991, after retiring at the age of 63.

From his obituary
Along with Andrew Gardner, he presented the first episode of ITN's News at Ten on 3 July 1967.

From what I remember he had an air of authority like the Dimblebys.

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Re: Sir Alistair Burnet Dies

He was a great broadcaster and writer and judging by some of the tributes he was also a very nice individual.
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Re: Sir Alistair Burnet Dies

Very sad, he was an excellent broadcaster who spoke in clear English and had a good knowledge of the subject he was talking about.
One of the best broadcasters we have had or are likely to have in the future.