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Sheffield has been relocated.

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Sheffield has been relocated.

I've just received my Plusnet Newsletter.

It mentions lots of things to do in my locality, the South East !

Now the last time I checked, Sheffield my location, was located in either the North Midlands or The North depending on who you listen to.

Now that Sheffield has been moved to the South East can I look forward to massive infrastructure improvements and higher incomes generally ?

I know that house prices will rocket but as I already own a home that shoud not affect me too much.



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Re: Sheffield has been relocated.

@oldgeezer - I noticed that when I got mine yesterday, but as I will be down in that area in about three weeks, maybe PN are just telling me early.Cheesy

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Re: Sheffield has been relocated.

@oldgeezer & @jab1  Nah... it`s just PN jumping on the "Fake News" bandwaggon, to fill up space on  "slow(no) news " days  !

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Re: Sheffield has been relocated.

I think there is a way of turning off junk mail from PN.

Recent changes compel firms to allow this and not before time

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