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Shed Filler

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Shed Filler

So i've just erected a shed that has been leaning up against the garage for the last 3 years as panels. Naturally things have moved around a bit, panels spit, come off the nails etc...

Anyhow.. we have a problem with false widow spiders here in this area - many of which i've removed from the panels and terminated before putting the shed back together. For those who don't know, they're not exactly lethal but they have been known to bite humans and put several in hospital with nasty allergic reactions. It's only a matter of time until one person has a fatal reaction in my view..

Anyway this shed has all sorts of daft little gaps etc. It's an overlap shed so the side panels / planks have also warped a tad creating nice little gaps for arachnids to gain entry.

I bought some expanding foam from a well known DIY retailer but the hazards label on the back has convinced me i'm not using it on the shed where my little 7up jnr will come into contact with it. It even says on there "suspected of causing cancer". He's not even 4 yet, i can't be exposing him to that sort of risk.

So, what else can I use to fill in the gaps? Obviously i'm looking for something with far less hazards than expanding foam.

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Re: Shed Filler

@7up  Spiders will get in anywhere in a shed. I'm convinced they either have a key to let themselves in or maybe sheds come with hidden trapdoors designed for them.


Expanding foam is used nigh on everywhere. I've certainly used it for 30 years +. Exposed foam should be painted anyway, primarily to seal it. It tends to fall to pieces if the sun gets on it. I think you'll find the toxic side is when it is chemical in the can, not after it has cured. Supposedly inert.


Very difficult to beat it though when it comes to sealing stuff. One reason utility / industrial companies use it for lots of different applications i.e. ducts, cable ways etc. List is endless.

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Re: Shed Filler

Silicone caulk?

Used it a few times on timber joints with good results and no problems. Does it keep spiders and such like out? Out of the joints maybe but they will always wiggle their way in somewhere. As for foam, great for big gaps say around windows but liable to push something like shed panels apart I'd have thought.

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