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Secret Britain : anyone see Wed's one

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Secret Britain : anyone see Wed's one

SHMBO just showed me a bit of it. I used to live on the Black Barony estate. My late father was one of the 3 men responsible for actually BUILDING the map of Scotland there. The owner commissioned and helped to build it, along with his son and my father.
We left in 75 and it wasn't complete then.
There also was a large dam and a water wheel to supply power for the hotel, just to the rear of the lawn area at the back of the hotel. (Also built by my father and the son of the owner), now all overgrown so someone must have filled it in.
I wasn't aware it was a lost treasure  Smiley I knew about it  Grin
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Re: Secret Britain : anyone see Wed's one

i started watching, but found the commentary - finishing each other's sentences - so off-putting that i dumped it.  pity as i rather like the ellie harrison.