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Scottish Hydro Giveaway!!

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Scottish Hydro Giveaway!!

Well due to the cold weather i got a letter from scottish hydro today,giving me £12.00 credit to put on my gas meter card!!seemingly everyone with pay as you go will be getting this,so did you get one?id like to hear from you
Its not much but its the thought that counts,never had this happen to me before and it is legit Smiley
If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
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Re: Scottish Hydro Giveaway!!

Not I -
but I'm not surprised as although I might be biased as they are local to me - I've heard many stories of good customer service from them.
And a friend works as a manager in their call centre.
They do broadband and home phone too - but not as cost effective as PN.