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Scan as you shop (Tesco)

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Scan as you shop (Tesco)

Used it for the first time today and now don't understand why I shied away from it for so long.


So much easier to pack the bags-for-life just as you want as you go around and so much quicker at the checkout than having to empty the trolley and pack then.


Just wish I had known that the first shop is checked (would have only got a few items before going round again) as SWMBO wasn't too happy that her neat and tidy packing was being messed upCheesy


Can't see me going back to the old way againCool_smiley

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Re: Scan as you shop (Tesco)

As you say, Mav - it doesn't half have advantages - I always use it for my shopping unless I've only got 1 or 2 items, then I hand carry them to the self-scanner.

Just wish Sainsburys would install them at my local store, but apparently there is 'no chance'Angry. They do have them in my 'second hoe town of Brighton, but thats only useful 12 weeks out of 52. Smiley

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Re: Scan as you shop (Tesco)

You will find Mav that your shopping will be checked every so often. I've found that if you delete an item from the scanner, this will almost certainly trigger a check, however the entire load is not checked just a percentage of it.

Been using the system for a couple of years, and would not go back to till queues unless I have to.

Local Sainbury's also has a scanner system, but the Tesco system is far better.

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Re: Scan as you shop (Tesco)

I've used Tesco scan as you shop for a couple of years and found it brilliant at Christmas time.

Unfortunately more people have sussed it and it gets a little busier these days.

Still faster than a 'manned' checkout.

I just wish they would ID me when I have something alcoholic in my shopping.

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Re: Scan as you shop (Tesco)

The only problem I have with it is, the scanner atthe beginning to get the hand device won't let me scan my card I have to type the long number in and the keys aren't the most sensitive, I find I have to stab them.

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Re: Scan as you shop (Tesco)

I remember when those scan as you shop devices were introduced more than a decade ago in my local supermarket (at the time) the initial shopper survey results indicated the vast majority refused ot use them unless they were getting a decent discount on the shopping, otherwise they prefered a manned checkout where they knew somone was being paid to process things....


personally I have preferred to use the home delivery option for supermarket shopping, ever since it was first available to me back in 2001... why waste my time and effort lugging the stuff round fighting for aisle space when I can just tap a few keys and get it delivered (maybe with a nice surprise swap item ) and let a couple of other people get paid in the bargain/

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Re: Scan as you shop (Tesco)

I think scan as you shop is great, use it all the time, even if just buying one or two bits.
so much easier than a manned checkout.
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