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Scammers After Your Bank Details

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Scammers After Your Bank Details

Hi All
Credit Management Systems (CMS) Reclaims.
Thay coll call you.  There Numbers are:
0871 789 9112,  0871 789 9102,  0871 7899 102,  01792 464322,  00122 4676067,  08000 664721
When you ring 00122 4676067 the number is not reconized.
The Telephone number: 01792 464322 which has been confermd by the police.
The Telephone number: 0871 789 9102 Has been traced to Duncan Weston on 0207 367 2820 by Barclays Bank.
Web Address:
Credit licence numbre: 554722
Thay say that thay can help to reclaim bank charges for the last 6 years.
Thay want to charge you £49.99 to get back your bank charges.
Thay want your:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Account Number

  • Sort Code

Card Details

  • Card Number

  • Start Date

  • Expire Date

  • 3 Digit Security Number

Password for your account.
Don't It is a con, it's frightening that they know parts of your bank details, I suggest that you waste as much of their time as possible.
It is on Money Saving Expert, it's a massive scam.
If you gave them any details
Call your bank 
Tell them what happened
Contact your local Trading Standards Department through your local Town Council Office with any call like this and give them the phone number etc.  It needs everyone to give Trading Standards the leads so they can target these people.  It will only cost you a local phone call, it could save someone their life savings.

Telephone Preference Service Register
Telephone Preference Service Complaints
Check out for more information on the scam
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Re: Scammers After Your Bank Details

I wouldn't recommend visiting that website address either, some very strange things going on there!
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Re: Scammers After Your Bank Details

Yeah and it's registered to a UK individual rather than a company with a German registrar. It also has attracted quite a bit of attention in loads of other forums.

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Re: Scammers After Your Bank Details

Unfortunately it's very easy these days to get certain information on your credit card details.  They are just after the bits they don't have so they can access your account.
The best advice is never to pass on any information requested in this manner.
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Re: Scammers After Your Bank Details

Even if I receive a call claiming to be from my own bank or credit card company I simply tell them to tell me what they want and that if they cant discuss because of a data protection I will call the organisation to discuss the matter myself, in most cases they either give up or they are selling something so response from me is always "thanks for phoning but am not interested, please do not call again as if I require insurance/loan or whatever I will go to the website"
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Re: Scammers After Your Bank Details

01792 464322
Thats a Swansea number for sure.
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Re: Scammers After Your Bank Details

Quote from: techguy
Even if I receive a call claiming to be from my own bank or credit card company

On the very rare occasions this happens I usually respond by "Ok fine I will call you back" if its genuine the details of their call and why will be on their screen. No bank or building society will object to this approach.
I'm assured that banks/credit card companies never email or fax looking for account details (they above all shouldn't need to)
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