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Tuesday's email from Saverstore had a 1TB Caviar Blue HDD on offer for less than £40 so, as I have one making a few odd noises, thought I'd better get a handy replacement. Made the order on Tuesday and checked status of it this morning and it said 'Awaiting Stock delivery' with no mention of being out of stock when I placed the order. Their online store shows it is in stock so I emailed them to ask why my order is awaiting stock.
Lo and behold, the HDD just turned up 10 minutes ago Smiley

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Re: Saverstore

novatech's website used to be like that, its a big part of the reason I stopped using them regularly, that and I once didn't receive an order (dodgy delivery.....) that was worth a lot of money and it took them 3 months to confirm the delivery signature hadn't been recorded and issue me a refund (I never did get the products from them), some places though like Tmart or overstockers have never let me down in customer service terms ...
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