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SKYPE alternative for Video Chats ..............

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SKYPE alternative for Video Chats ..............

As mentioned on BBC Click this week
A really good free alternative to SKYPE
You can email your link to yourself, and display two images of yourself, (one reversed left to right) for testing purposes.
And so much more.
I'm taking this away with me this week, to try out from abroad, looks promising.
Very high quality images, and supposedly free from the SKYPE Stuttering.
Compatible with Firefox and Chrome
As mentioned before, I use SKYPE a lot for communication with friends, family & business, and this seems a great alternative.

Have fun talking to yourself !!
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Re: SKYPE alternative for Video Chats ..............

You do realise it is Javascript & the people you want to talk with will most likely have to have java enabled
How it works
It starts by embedding a small iframe object in the code, which loads up a small version of the page, including the JavaScript code that runs on the full site (which is built using the same API (not the large picture, but it soon will be)).
When the iframed page has loaded, it will start responding to the methods found in our script file, called from your code. The provided apiv2.js (name not final) file exposes methods that lets you respond to an incompatible client browser, allowing for graceful degradation of the user experience. These tests (soon) forms the basis for the feature detection on

Test to see if you're browser supports webRTC

I guess the main question(s) are
How secure will your conversation(s) be ?Huh
Can anyone listen in / view your private party ?Huh
Is it suitable & secure enough for business use ?Huh
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Re: SKYPE alternative for Video Chats ..............

Quote from: PlusComUK

A really good free alternative to SKYPE

Doesn't matter how good it is if the people you talk to aren't, (or can't, or won't)  using it.