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Rynair Huh - again - Long live the Police

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Rynair Huh - again - Long live the Police
QUICK-THINKING cops were last night hailed heroes - for dishing out chocolate to starving passengers on a stranded jet.
The delayed Ryanair jet - packed with 160 travellers - was trapped on the runway at Prestwick Airport for six hours.

Police were eventually called to the stricken jet - delayed because of an air traffic control strike in France - as tempers flared.
And the hero officers calmed the furious travellers by nipping back to the terminal building and stocking up on sweets and drinks.

"Everybody had been sitting cooking because the fans weren't on. Eventually police turned up and handed out on water and chocolate.
"They announced the refreshments were courtesy of Strathclyde Police and everyone cheered."
Last night, a police spokeswoman said: "Police were called because passengers were becoming fraught. Strathclyde Police purchased water and chocolate for every passenger on board and took it to them."
A spokesman for Ryanair last night said: "Refreshments could not be served because of legal restrictions, nor could the passengers be allowed off as this would have delayed the flight taking off if a slot had become available."

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Re: Rynair Huh - again - Long live the Police

That's a new one - all the delayed flights I have been on in the circumstance have had refreshments served at no charge.
Ryanair probably meant that they wouldn't serve them because they aren't allowed to charge for them  Shocked
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Re: Rynair Huh - again - Long live the Police

i'm looking forward to the day this creepy company goes down the tubes.