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Royal Navy cuts :(

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Royal Navy cuts :(

looks like some are getting annoyed at the Cut to Navy Ships Sad

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Re: Royal Navy cuts :(

The two White Elephants have gobbled all the food.

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Re: Royal Navy cuts :(

I am sure that there are many more "senior" and not so senior Officers, who feel the same way.... but they lack the "guts" that this one has, and will just carry on doing the usual  "mumble, mumble, discontent", amongst themselves in the wardrooms....

As far as the MOD is concerned... his resignation,... whilst " a bit embarassing" from the "news" point of view,  (for the time being,)... they will be pleased that he has resigned, as they won`t have him "upsetting the system" from within...  however, he may still decide to voice his concerns in his non-naval position, which could be just as embarassing for the MOD..

As a point of interest..... One of many reasons that I resigned in 1972  at the end of 12 years service, was due to the cuts being taken at that time... meaning fewer "forren postings" and more of a "coastal patrol navy"..than a world wide naval power. 

I remember when we had enough ships for ....  " The Home Fleet"... ( I was on CINC Home Fleet staff for some time)... The Mediterranean Fleet,..... The Far East Fleet...  we had Naval bases in Gibraltar, Malta, Aden, Mombasa, Capetown, Singapore, & Hong Kong, amongst others...


  You may have noticed, that my resignation changed nothing, and the Navy has become exactly what I thought, way back then...


It is good to see the new carriers on their way to joining the fleet, ... and also the other new ships on the slipway being constructed...  Doing away with the Amphibious support ships will be  a blow to the capability of the RN and RM .... .... I am disappointed we did not get the full complement of 12 Daring Class Destroyers... 


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Re: Royal Navy cuts :(

Fraudulent.Only one original Navy Cut!

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Re: Royal Navy cuts :(

Was that part of the Senior Service ?


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Re: Royal Navy cuts :(