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Ringo App

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Ringo App

I regularly use Ringo for parking especially as I can often claim the charge as expenses and it saves keeping hold of those silly bits of paper plus you can increase the time easily without having to go back out to feed the meter which, I seem to remember, was always against the rules.


I have been happy that my details have been stored and I just have to enter the CVV number over the phone and it has worked well for over a year.


I have downloaded the App but it requires me to enter my credit card details (I was hoping it would get this information automatically from my vehicle registration.


Just how secure are these apps? Has anyone else here used the Ringo App (Android)  without any problems?



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Re: Ringo App

How about seeing if you can do it "on line" from home... next time...   or ask them whey they can`t retrieve your info... and apply it to the mobile app..


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Re: Ringo App

I use RingGo on iOS occasionally - so far no problems. I do wish however that there was just one app which could cope with all the different parking organisations; as well as RingGo I havePaybyPhone, Phone&Pay, ConnectCashless and ApcoaConnect (though I think thhe last two are the same)