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Although I am no longer paying PlusNet any money ... I am still a member of this forum, and will continue to join in on threads, with comments, hopefully, amusing and also hopefully, helpful to other members, as I have done in the past, and I hope that over the years, I have gained some internet friends, and some respect from them, and other members too.

Whenever anyone has PM`d me, I have always responded quickly and (I hope) politely to their requests.

To me that is just plain "good manners" and shows that you respect the person who sent the message to you.

Some members of this forum community, I have upset, with some of my posts...but I hope that over time, I have redeemed myself back into their "favour" if not into their "bosom buddy" status.

I understand the reasons why Moderators do not answer certain questions about other members status.. or respond to " Report to moderator"... and respect that situation...

What I cannot understand is WHY those same moderators, who expect to be respected in their decisions and actions, totally ignore a personal message, not even acknowledging receipt. and when questioned in a further PM why they have not responded to the first PM.... they ignore that as well..

I requested an edit to a "sticky post" on the Tech board, to make it easier for those who wanted to proceed with the trial of the subject matter.... but after FOUR DAYS.. there is no edit appearing on the thread.  Yet it has been viewed over 850 times, which shows a significant interest in the subject matter.


Is it acceptable for Mods to ignore members requests for editing?

Is it acceptable for Mods to ignore members personal messages?

 this is not a way to command respect for their actions.

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Re: Respect....


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Re: Respect....

@shutter Respect and look forward to reading more posts from you

John SmileyThumbs_UpAngel

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Re: Respect....



What a boring life it would be if we all agreed on the same thing all the which case there would be no point in posting anything in chat.


We are born into history and history is born into us.