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Renewal time again !

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Renewal time again !

Yup !... car insurance is due next month.... so I get a "auto renewal" email price from my current insurer... RIAS...

Last year, the premium was £305    .... this year, autor renew at £397.....

an increase of abou 26%.... for what reason?   I have been driving for over 55 years...wiithout any accidents, motor offences, claims bonus is 55years.. ! ... but.. they only put 19+on their select it list ! ! .

I spent about 3 hours this morning after brekky... scouring the net, and the "usual suspects" for comparisons... and collated them in the past hour... making sure that the lowest quotes all gave the same, (or very similar) cover to my current provider... e.g. mileage... voluntary excess...windscreen. hire car...etc.

Two very low quotes... one was for £248 ... with a company that was not registered wth the FCA for conducting insurance.. but was a "sub-contractor" for one who was..... the quote was only  valid for today.. so gave them a miss...

The next quote... £295... was from a "sub-contractor" of AVIVA  ! ! ... with a voluntary excess of £250... and all he above "extras" included..   When I went to AVIVA  ( as recommended by Martin`s money saver site )... the quote came back at £315... with a compulsory excess of £550...and none of the "extras" above..

Weird?  sure is...

The quote of £295 is valid until 19/3/2020   so will keep it saved until I get rich enough to pay them before the 17th ! ! 

Anyway... that is the one I have opted for.... as it is even cheaper than RIAS was for me last year..

RIAS failed to appear in the 10 lowest quotes on all the major comparison sites... ! ! 

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Re: Renewal time again !

I rang my insurance company last October after an increase of £50 in my annual renewal to ask if they couldn't do better. He duly went away and came back a few minutes later with an offer of £15 less then I had paid the year before.

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Re: Renewal time again !

@Mayfly   Yeah... I had been with LV for a number of years,  and when I challenged their "auto renewal" price last year, I got the same derisory offer of £15 less than the renewal... went to the website...and it showed me a price that was still too high... so that was when I changed to RIAS..


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Re: Renewal time again !


In November 2018 I was looking for a new policy for my latest car so tried all the usual comparison sites.

The cheaper policies on offer all had gotchas in the form of bits that weren't included in the quoted price but cost extra (those things like windscreen replacement, courtesy car, etc.).

I then decided to try the handful of insurers that I knew of which aren't included on the comparison sites, including DirectLine which I finally chose.

Their policy wasn't the cheapest headline price but included the aforementioned 'extras' which if added in on those other policies would have brought them more or less to the DL price, but the DL policy was more 'upfront' with what was included.


At the time I had no NCD having not needed my own car for several years, so was starting again from scratch.

The level of cover I chose cost £290 (can't remember the 'pence').

When the renewal offer came through last Oct/Nov they quoted me £306.88 for the same cover (now including some NCD).

I think the 'disloyalty' penalty effect must have been affecting the quote though because when I put my details into their online calculator (identical car details but without entering my car reg to prevent them linking the application to my existing policy, essentially getting a quote as a new customer I guess) I was quoted £239.68  - although I should add that because I don't do much mileage these days I'd dropped that from 6,000 on last years policy to 4,000 figuring that I could increase it if need be).

As I couldn't accept that offer online without going back and identifying my car (which caused the afore-mentioned disloyalty penalty to be applied thus increasing the price) I phoned them and explained.

The agent I spoke to agreed to honour the £239.68 - so quite a discount, which was also cheaper than all the quotes on the comparison sites.




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