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Relatively speaking...

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Relatively speaking...

Quiz: Can you name these pop stars' famous relatives?

Just for fun, of course, as I got a massive 0/12Cheesy

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Re: Relatively speaking...

4/12 based on nothing but guess work, no knowledge involved!

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Re: Relatively speaking...

3/12, and only one of them was not a guess...

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Re: Relatively speaking...

2 I knew, 1 was an educated guess based on age, the other 3 there was enough of a clue in the question to guess correctly.
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Re: Relatively speaking...


I must have been really bad in a previous life. This is my 3rd ISP in a row that uses lithium.
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Re: Relatively speaking...

Mook wrote:

4/12 based on nothing but guess work, no knowledge


Seems I know even less about pop relatives than shadow politicians.

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Re: Relatively speaking...

8/12 - I knew all lot of the actor type questions but not the pop artists (is that phrase still used?)

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Re: Relatively speaking...

2/12. Never heard of most of the subjects, let alone their "famous" relatives.