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Went to our local Tesco this afternoon.

They have a selection of very large recycling containers, most being around 6ft tall, apart from the Cardboard one, which is about the size of a Whale, or so it seems.

Perhaps a total of 30 recycling containers...... all very full.


And pleasantly surprised at just how clean & tidy the unsupervised location was.


No heaps of unsuitable discarded items that I could see.

So it would appear recycling is working well round here.

 However there was no provision for old electric / electronic items, but they are catered for, with very large open skips at the Council tip.

There is another local Co-op, same story, but on a smaller scale.


Anyway, a visit to the "local" Tip involves a trip of a few miles, and depending on time of day, lots of traffic both on roads, and at the Tip.


So it was a pleasant surprise to visit the Supermarket, where we were stocking up on food etc, and to do everything in one trip, without traffic frustrations.


The household wheelie bins never seem large enough for some recycling, so in future any dry goods will be deposited at the Supermarket.

 They just need to empty the containers more often , they I do see the recycling lorries on what seems like a weekly basis emptying the containers.


Do you have similar facilities near you, Supermarket or other based  ?

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Re: Recycling

All our supermarkets have removed all their recycling areas in the past year. Sad

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Re: Recycling

really cut down here ever since the council introduced a very effective roadside recycling system but then again us in more modest properties create a lot less rubbish